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The mast-hole was covered with a tight scuttle made for the purpose, and the gundalow was adapted to the business for which she was to be used in the expedition to Sandy Point. By this time it was nine o'clock, and the moon was just beginning to cast its silvery light upon the still waters of the little lake. Captain Dorn- wood promised to return the scow to the quarries before morning ; but Mr.

Miker said he should not use her for a week, and the captain could keep her as long as he wished.

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I have everything you can possibly want in that line," interposed Mr. Dory was very grateful to them, and pointed out the kind of stuff he wanted, including a large pile of rollers used in moving heavy blocks of stone. In half an hour the gundalow was loaded with the materials Dory had indicated. In the little time at his disposal, the energetic leader of the enter prise had made a list of the material he was likely to require. He had been at work, while the men were loading the blocks and planks, with his pencil and paper, and had thought of several things that were of prime importance.

Miker, and I shall be still more so, if you will lend us eight jack-screws, for we have not enough of them at the shops," continued Dory. I have a dozen rather small jack-screws, and I will have all of them put on the deck of the gunda- low," added Mr. Miker, as he ordered his men to bring them from a shanty where they were kept under lock and key.

It was now nearly ten o'clock on as beautiful an evening as ever gladdened the heart of any night wanderers. The full moon gave an abundance of light, and the operations of the students could be as readily conducted as in the day-time. Every thing that would be needed, with the exception of a few coils of rope, was on board of the gundalow. A party was sent to the shops for them ; and when these necessary articles were obtained, the fasts were cast oft', and the steamer stood up to the quarries.

Will Orwell, the second officer, was detailed to take charge of a party of six on board of the tow. But before the steamer got under way again, Captain Dornwood called all hands together on the forward deck. The principal thinks the fellows can obey orders better when they don't know what is coming than they can when they understand all about it. Every fellow thinks he knows best how to do almost anything.

I never saw a horse tumble down in the street, but every one of the crowd around him wanted to boss the job of getting him on his feet again," added Dick. I don't believe in any yelling when we are on duty, but I fear it would make mischief to-night.

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Please to observe this request in the strictest possible manner. Though no meals were to be served during the nio'ht, so far as was known, the cooks O O ' went to the o-allej", and the stewards to the forward cabin. The second officer, with his gang, went on board of the gundalow, and at the order from the captain the pilot on duty rang the bell to back her.

By this movement the scow was hauled out from the wharf, and the bell to go ahead was given. But the Sylph and her tow soon disappeared beyond the trees at the lower end of Beechwater. Dory was on the hurricane deck, keeping a sharp lookout upon everything that was done. At the V-point the pilot slowed down without any order from the captain, and the scow was switched around it without touching the mud. There was now nothing to do outside of the engine- room and pilot-house ; and the crew gathered into companies in various parts of the deck to specu late upon the nature of the expedition in which they were engaged.

They guessed a hundred things. The crew of the Goldvving were pretty sure they were going to Sandy Point.

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The Sylph was approaching the mouth of the river, and it would soon be necessary for Captain Dornwood to say something. For, if the expedi tion was bound to the northward, she would take that course as soon as she came up with the point on that side of the river ; if she was going to the southward, she would have to keep her present course half a mile farther out into the lake to avoid the shoals off Field's Bay. No order came to alter the course at the north point, but a few minutes later the captain entered the pilot-house.

In less than half an hour, the Sylph was close in to the end of the point, and Dory discovered Paul on the shore.

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The steamer was headed into the bay, and the gundalow brought up to a point directly in front of the cottage. The steamer was then left in charge of the first pilot. The hands on board of the gundalow had poled her up to the beach where she had grounded. Have you seen anything of the Chesterfields this even ing? I suppose they are dreaming of the fun they will have in pitching the cottage into the lake to-mor row afternoon," added Paul, with a cheerful smile. After half an hour's hard work, the lumber, blocks, and rigging on the deck of the scow were landed on the beach.

With thirty pairs of hands the work was not very hard, and they tossed the large sticks about as though they had been nothing but chips. By this time they understood what was to be done, and the students were full of en thusiasm. They were required to work in silence ; for though the Chesterfield school was all of half a mile from Sandy Point, Dory was very anxious lest their operations should be disturbed by the in stitute people.

Two heavy timbers were placed under the cot tage ; the jack-screws w r ere put in position under them, and the building raised from the posts which supported it.

A plankway was laid on the smooth sand, the posts were removed, and the cot tage set on rollers. The plankway was contin ued to the water. There was a considerable descent from the site of the cottage to the water. The plankway was an 'inclined plane, and it required but little force to start the cottage on its journey. With a couple of turns around the trees, the hands stationed at the check-lines easily controlled its movements, and slacked off only as the captain gave the word.

In a few minutes the building was rolled down almost to the water. The gundalow was aground on the shore end. Two heavy timbers were ex tended from the deck to the beach and supported by blocks so that they would bear the weight of the structure. These beams lay nearly level when they were in position, and just reached the end of the plankway on shore. The check-lines were eased off again when smooth bearings for the rollers had been prepared.

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While Captain Dornwood was on the front of the structure, some twenty of the students in the rear tried to push it toward the gundalow ; but they could not start it. The lines were made fast at the quarters of the steamer. Dory stood on the after end of the gun- dalow, and, with a boatswain's whistle, made a signal agreed upon with the pilot to go ahead. The lines stiffened and strained, and then the cottage began to move again. The timber ways had been continued on the deck of the scow, and the building moved very slowly until the captain gave a second signal with the whistle.


The rollers were instantly blocked by hands un der the direction of the first officer. But the rear of the cottage just reached the stern of the gun- dalow.

At least half of the weight of the build ing rested upon the sand at the bottom. There were four iron rings at the stern of the scow, and check-lines were extended from them to the structure. A double turn was taken in each over a cleat, and hands placed at these ropes. The signal was again given for the steamer to go ahead. The building moved a few feet further, and the rollers were promptly chocked when the captain gave the whistle to " stop her. The bow of the scow settled down, but the check- lines held the house firmly in position.

The sec ond move was so well timed that it placed the building in exactly the right place. The check-lines were belayed under the direc tion of the first officer, while the second officer proceeded to fasten the cottage to the rings in the bow of the scow. It was to remain on the rollers during the trip to its destination, and Captain Dornwood made sure that it was secured beyond the possibility of any accident.

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The lumber, jack- screws, blocks, and other material were put on the scow, for there was still abundance of space for ward and abaft the house. Everything connected with the cottage was put on board. I don't see what more there is to do. The post-holes under the cot tage were filled up, every particle of rubbish was removed, and the ground raked over until every thing was as smooth as though no human being had ever resided within a mile of the spot. I think you had better stay in the house to see that everything goes right there.

I went up to look at the chimney with a lantern while you were shifting it, and there is not a crack in it. But the building had been subjected to no hard usage, and no damage had been done to it. All the furniture remained just as it had been for two years, and Mrs.