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Aztec Empire

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Aztec Land & Cattle Co. Ltd.

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April 21, Russel, J. Ross F. Jones, Atty.

SECTION 2: Europeans Invade the Aztec Empire

Brooks, Winslow, Sp. Counsel, Alfred B. Carr and Robert C. Stubbs, Asst. This is a companion case to Aztec Land and Cattle Co.

Navajo Realty Co. The cases were here ordered consolidated for oral argument though they arose in different counties and were separately briefed.

He additionally exercised dominion over newly conquered lands, and could give this land to nobles, warriors, and calpulli. Owners of conquered lands were not necessarily displaced and were usually allowed to continue living on and working their lands. However, they had to share the profits of the land with their new Aztec owners.

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Nobles could own land on a restricted and unrestricted basis. Nobles obtained land by purchasing it from other nobles or as a gift from the emperor for service to the Aztec empire. Purchased land could be sold or willed. Land grants from the emperor sometimes had conditions that required them to be returned to the emperor upon the death of the owner. Warriors had similar rights to purchase land or receive it from the emperor.