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Of course, some tools help in multiple ways. Use as you will. And at your own risk. The point is that you use them to become a more thorough and efficient editor of your own work. You do write from an outline, right? A solid outline can help you breeze through substantive edits. Start using outlines and see how much easier they make the writing process: the thinking, the organizing, the researching, the drafting, and the editing.

Do the points connect in logical order? Are they sufficiently explained and supported? How about those transitions? If you have a brief from your editor or client, use it. Making your clients and editors happy is a good way to keep having work. Then use your handy list as you edit. Revise as needed to match the style, tone, and content instructions. Fiction writers know all about story arcs and how important they are. Story arcs help with nonfiction, too. Use them to make your anecdotes, hooks, introductions, analogies, and organization more interesting.

A content template is like a recipe. Check that you have all the elements in place, in the right proportion, and in the best order. Use the browser version or the desktop app. Hemingway lets you copy and paste your work in, then berates you for being terrible. Um, I mean, it highlights adverb use, passive voice, complex word choices, and hard-to-read sentences. I wrote that little rhyme myself. You thought Hemingway App was mean, did you?

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Poor baby. Grammarly is going to eat you for lunch. Use it and your writing will be better. Why would you use one like that, you masochistic writing fiend? Good if you need to adjust a paragraph or section to a specific word count. Copy and paste your piece or paragraph in, make those last few edits, and watch the word count adjust as you do so.

Copy Editors and Proofreaders: The Unfair Advantage Popular Writers Try to Hide

A Real Live Person Probably your best option, but also, hardest to pin down. They squirm a lot. You can be this person for yourself if you take enough time between the writing and editing. Spell checker The spell checking tool in your word processor.

Writing Routines

Turn it on. Use it. But it can also save you from publishing silly typos. Turn on the Markdown preview to check your formatting. Customize what Typely checks for from a wide range of options. Get a score, an estimated reading time, reading level, and a sentiment analysis.

Not quite sure what that last one is, but I like it. Also it makes typewriter sounds. You can turn them off if they get annoying. Read it aloud Read your own writing out loud, if you dare. It can be painful.

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It can also be pleasant. So it is super important to find someone who specializes in your book genre for this stage. Copy editors focus on the nitty-gritty of grammar, syntax, punctuation, and clarity and may also revise and rework particular sentences or paragraphs. This will help you steer clear of major revision hopefully and set you on course for a smooth book writing process. Most editors do not charge by the hour.

How to Write Like an Editor

Book editing costs are assessed based on word count or by the page, and editing rates differ depending on the type you need. It is not uncommon to spend several thousand dollars editing a full-length book. The beauty of self-publishing is that you have the final say in your own work.

roicosarose.gq So, while expert feedback is essential to creating a polished, professional-quality book, have some faith in yourself and your writing. You chose to write for a reason. So keep that in mind as your editor chops up the book you worked oh-so-hard on. When you find the right editors and it may take a few tries , whom you work well with, hold onto them! If you do, it will be mutually beneficial as you create and build together. Qat Wanders is an author, editor, speaker, and writing coach. She has edited more than 4, books and ghostwritten over , including New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

To find out more about Qat, her writings, her programs, and her services, please visit WanderingWordsMedia. Exclusive video content from our CEO.

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