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When the clone captured Delaney, he infected her with a bit of his dark essence, turning her into a channel key with which he intends to open the channel to the dark power deep in the earth. And as the Ferals set the trap for him, he calls Delaney to him on the goddess rock and cuts her open. Tighe, the only one bound to her is the only one who can reach her through the impenetrable wall of draden. And turning her immortal.

Tighe and Delaney rejoice that they now have an eternity to love one another. At the end of Desire Untamed, Vhyper went missing, his soul presumably lost to the darkness of the Daemon Blade. When Birik crashes into the room and beats her mercilessly for not mating with him, Paenther finds himself helping her, drawn against his will to her vulnerability and the sadness in her eyes.

At midnight, Paenther wakes to find himself in a different room of the cave, this time chained to the floor. Watching her now, Paenther believes him and his hatred returns, greater than before. As the power peaks, screams resound deep in the cavern and Birik smiles.

Skye watches, too, and knows she has to stop Birik, no matter the consequences. She has frees Paenther before Birik can force them to free more Daemons. But Paenther wants revenge and takes her with him. Back at Feral House, the Ferals interrogate Skye then lock her in their prison.

Paenther realizes that she was as much of a victim of Birik as he was. When Jag spontaneously shifts, Lyon orders Skye back to the prison for her own safety as much as the safety of the others.

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Alone in the prisons, Paenther suddenly tells her to come, and he steals her out of the house. She calls the animals of the others and they come to stop Paenther. His feral marks are starting to fade and he can no longer shift without Skye to help him pull his animal through in a blaze of pain. The Shaman suggests that Skye may be able to heal Paenther but she needs some training in pulling good energies. He knows of a Mage who may help her. Paenther drives her to Ezekiel who teaches her. Paenther and Skye make love and admit their love for one another, then return to Feral House to discover Fox and Jag are missing.

They return to the mountain where Paenther allows Skye to enthrall him and lead him in as her prisoner. Paenther comes awake to find himself chained upright near Jag and Fox. Vhyper joins them, taunting them with the truth, that Fox was the one who brought Paenther to the market to be captured by Skye. The battle commences, Fox and Vhyper both now fighting for the Mage. Paenther and Vhyper kill Birik and battle his men, including Fox.

Thanks to the earthquakes caused by the Mage deaths, the caverns begin to crumble. Together, Paenther, Vhyper, Jag, and Skye escape. Paenther asks her to become his mate. Ezekiel had found them for her. Julianne believes she's a normal Therian until the Ilina, Melisande, appears out of thin air with the news that Julianne is part Ilina—one of a female race of mist-warriors believed long extinct. Melisande demands Julianne find for her the rare bloodred moonstone that resides somewhere in the Alexandria Therian enclave, Julianne's home.

If she fails, or if she tells anyone about the Ilinas, Melisande will kill her and the ones she tells in order to protect the secret of her race's existence. Julianne searches, but she can't find the moonstone.

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One of the enclaves warriors, Zeeland was her best friend, then her first, if unrequited, love. Zeeland's self-imposed exile in Britain ends when a mutual friend reveals that Julianne, a talented pianist, has taken to playing Beethoven night and day. Zeeland recognizes the significance for Julianne had played Beethoven endlessly when she first was orphaned years ago.

He knows something's wrong and books the first flight back to Washington, D. When Zeeland sees Julianne for the first time in ten years, he's swept away by her beauty, but devastated to see the fear lurking deep in her eyes, a fear no one else seems to see.

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He asks her what's wrong and she brushes him coolly aside as if they were never the best of friends. He doesn't know what's going on, but vows to get to the bottom of it. Three of the Feral Warriors join the enclave for dinner that night. When Jag makes a clearly-unwanted move on Julianne, Zeeland comes to her aid. But when she tries to escape Zee again, he steers her into the library and demands answers. He discovers that she believes he left her in disgust all those years ago when nothing could be further from the truth. He admits that he left because she was too young and he'd wanted her too badly.

But when his friends burst into the room, demanding he join them for poker, Julianne makes her escape and he's no closer to ferreting out the truth of what has her scared. Later, Zeeland goes to Julianne's bedroom, intent on demanding answers. But at the sight of her tears, he takes her into his arms and soon he's kissing her and she's begging him to make love to her. But as the passion rises, Julianne feels a strangeness begin to sweep through her body and she fears she's about to turn to mist, as all Ilinas sometimes do.

She looks at Zeeland in horror and orders him out of her room.


He thinks he's scared her, that he was too rough with her, and feels terrible. Needing to ease Zeeland's guilt without giving too much away, Julianne enters his dreams—an ability all Ilinas possess. When Zeeland awakens, he goes to confront her again, but when he reaches her room, he hears two female voices, then the sound of Julianne's pain. He bursts into the room to protect her and finds it empty but for Julianne. He demands to know what's going on and finally gets the full truth out of her.

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  • He's shocked to realize the Ilinas still exist, but so glad to know why Julianne's been pushing him away. He vows to protect her from Melisande. They search for the red moonstone Melisande seeks, and for information on the Ilinas, and finally find both. That night, Julianne wears the stone to the enclave's Valentine's party where the Feral, Kougar, sees it and seems to recognize it, though he says nothing.

    Zee and Julianne leave the party for her bedroom where they make love. But afterward, Melisande appears, sees Julianne in mist form in front of Zeeland, and grows irate. She tries to pull both of them into the Crystal Realm where they'll die and therefore never reveal the truth of the Ilinas' survival to anyone else.

    But together they fight her off. Just as they free themselves, Kougar bursts into the room. Kougar knows Melisande and confronts her, asserting that Zeeland is only a threat so long as he and Julianne remain unmated. Once mated, the unbreakable bond will make it impossible for Zee to betray her or her race. Melisande is furious, but can't argue against Kougar's logic, and departs. Kougar leaves as well.

    Zeeland asks Julianne to marry him. He assures her that he's known all along that she would someday be his mate. That the thought of it might have scared him a bit, hence his staying away longer than he need to. But he's realized that only with her has he ever been truly happy. He loves her. He wants nothing more that to make her his wife. Julianne happily says yes.

    Three wraith Daemons are on the loose and the Ferals have to destroy them at all costs. Lyon enlists the aid of a small Therian Guard unit to help them cover more ground. In his charming way, Jag grabbed her breast and suggested she go to bed with him. Olivia drove her high heel through his instep in answer. He comes onto her in his usual crass way, thoroughly enjoying her swift, tart comebacks and the fire in her eyes.

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