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So, even if you know the demographics and the psychographics of your audience, you still have to figure out who YOU are. Knowing who you are will help you evolve over time, and attract valuable customers in any era or context. And that makes you better equipped to communicate consistently and honestly with your customers across all media — to build trust and maintain a true human connection. Consistency is key when it comes to delivering a strong and reliable customer experience.

And a well-crafted, consistently implemented brand identity will infuse itself into customer interactions, sales, etc. At that point, shifts in tone and messaging become a matter of good judgement by those who represent the brand. For example, if a financial institution wants to set itself apart from its competitors by showing a sense of humor, that could be a strong brand move. Truly knowing your brand will give a strong indicator of how far your boundaries can successfully be pushed. They give rules for logo usage, list the approved fonts, show the full color palate, etc.

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But what about content? Including clear content guidelines in your brand guide is crucial to maintaining consistency and continuity of messaging across all platforms. And messaging — content — is central to customer experience. A good brand guide provides rules about tone of voice, word choice, specific turns of phrase, personality of the brand — as well as breakdowns of different audience personas, what their pain points are, what matters most to them, and how your brand can help. This is key for your staff to know. It will set their brains before they speak or write to your customers.

Managing Your Brand’s DNA

From video spots to billboards; articles to white papers; case studies to infographics; social media posts to mobile ads; a well-defined and easy-to-use brand guide is the blueprint that keeps everyone on the same page and working toward the same goals. A strong digital marketing effort is important to any great brand campaign. And one of the big promises of digital has always been its ability to measure and optimize. Analytic tools can help you do just that: measuring and optimizing your performance across the web, and, over time, providing crucial data to help you see where your marketing efforts are working, and where changes are needed.

However, this should not be reduced to clicks. Even in , many organizations use clicks as their most reliable tracking metric. And yes, a click shows an interest in your product or service. But the lure of big engagement numbers can turn a strategic branding effort in to a wag-the-dog situation. It gives you a place from which to ask and answer questions like: Is this something we should be talking about?

Do we have any authority to have an opinion on this topic? Consistency: Multiple messages reinforce and support each other. Coherence: All communications are logically connected. The San Francisco Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ran this ad in to create awareness on the need to spay and neuter your pet.

Their mission is to educate people on the importance of neutering pets to save unwanted cats and dogs from getting euthanized it happens to 4 million pets each year in the US. The reason for this crazy idea of a campaign was, that they wanted to avoid being preachy by offering condoms for cats and dogs.

How did they implement this marketing case? They installed pet condom dispensers in several parks and used Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about it. And it become the no.


If you want to learn in a more practical way how to establish your own personal brand DNA and how to implement it in your marketing, send us a quick email or message on social media. Our aim is to give you a an easy but valuable opportunity to improve your brand and help you grow. The following learnings and topics will be included in our course:. Creating a complete set of personal values. Step-by-step guide to transfer personal values into business values.

Integrating your defined values into your marketing and your company culture. Defining your brand purpose and developing a brand promise out of it.

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Several inspiring case studies from international brands and companies. Get rid of limiting beliefs that prevent you from stepping out into public with your brand and become visible. For the last 1,5 years she completely focused on social businesses because she wants to help them become better known and gain a higher media coverage to create a better world with more truly conscious brands. If your are interested in joining us for this great course, we are happy to hear from you.

I am Sina and I provide online support for social companies, helping them to reach more people and gain more time to focus on giving an impact by taking care of their online marketing, social media and sales needs. This serves my greater purpose because I can help them to share their positive message with the world. First Name. SFW launching Latin America activation ft.

Starting January we have showcased ethical and sustainable fashion throughout different cities around Europe organizing exhibitions, events and curated experiences.

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Our goal is to create unique and inclusive activities around Slow Fashion and Conscious Lifestyle In her , Diane convinced a textile factory owner in Italy to let her produce her first designs. In her first online class, Diane teaches you how to build a brand. By the way!

Your email address will not be published. For example, Walmart positions its brand as being the leading low-cost retailer. So what is their promise based on their positioning?


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If you could describe your business as a person — what human characteristics would you choose? And if building a personal brand is your priority — what would be your most compelling traits that best capture the essence of who you are? Discovering, celebrating, and expressing your core values will not only help you better emotionally connect with your audience, but it will also further distinguish your brand from others in a similar niche.

The key is — when you deliver your total brand experience, you must make sure your authentic values are what really shine through. Now this is where the logo gets its time in the spotlight. Your logo and other tangible aesthetics such as your tagline, the colors you choose for your website, and even the actual name of your business- are all part of your brand identity and expression system. To trigger immediate recognition and recall for your brand.

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  8. However many people only associate expression with visual symbols…which is a huge mistake. For example, try watching your favorite online video with the sound turned off. While you may get some level of engagement through, that story is incomplete without the visceral accompaniment of audio.