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The money the mother earns abroad as a geriatric nurse or the father as harvest hand is not enough to cover a visit. For long periods of time all they have are voices on the telephone or a face on Skype. And the desperate wait of the children for mail or parcels with presents. But these are no substitute for closeness and affection.

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Both sides are left with sadness and loneliness. A survey supported by UNICEF in pointed out how much children, who had been left behind by their parents, suffered from the separation. Over time they become emotionally distant and have difficulty forming social contacts.

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Andrea Diefenbach Agentur Focus wurde in Deutschland geboren. Seit ihrem Studium an der Fachhochschule Bielefeld arbeitet sie als freie Fotografin. Andrea Diefenbach Agentur Focus was born in Germany in After completing her degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld she started working as a freelance photographer. Her photojournalism has been published in magazines and books and is characterized by social commitment and great empathy. Doch alle Versuche endeten im Desaster, alle Friedensinitiativen scheiterten.

Nur diejenigen haben das Sagen, die Geld und Waffen besitzen. Since the fall of president Siad Barre in chaos has reigned in Somalia. There are no state structures left, local clan chiefs rule or Islamist groups, who spread fear and terror with extremist ideologies. The UN and the US, with their allies, got involved locally to end the civil war.

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But all attempts ended in disaster, all peace initiatives failed. The only ones who have a say are those who own money or weapons. The sad images by Hossein Fatemi show what it is like for the unfortunate civilians. Malnourished and sick children suffer, helpless mothers suffer who find no medical support. Displaced families suffer, waiting in refugee camps without any outlook for the future. Wichtig sind Hossein Fatemi aber auch die Reisen durch sein eigenes Land. Hossein Fatemi Panos Pictures was born in Iran in and started to work as a photographer in His pictures from areas of conflict, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia, India, Georgia, Kenia and Somalia, are published in international newspapers and magazines.

Hossein Fatemi also travels through his own country. His conversations with and photographs of Iranians from all walks of life display the complex reality of the country: the official, visible version, proclaimed by the authorities, and an We the Children alternative life, not necessarily visible from outside, lived by the young generation.

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People who separate waste paper and bottles in containers or take old or broken electric appliances to recycling centres feel they are dealing sensibly with recyclables. Despite legal guidelines, however, it remains unclear where the waste ends up next.

An estimated 50 to 80 percent of electronic scrap from industrial countries is being exported to emerging and developing countries. To earn some money, young people there break up all kinds of devices, gut them, then burn off anything that surrounds the precious metals. Youths in New Delhi dismantle processors; in Guiyu small children grow up in the middle of hazardous monitor parts.

The people live off, in and with the waste of affluent societies. Er studierte Politikwissenschaft, Fotojournalismus und Dokumentarfotografie. He studied political science, photojournalism and documentary photography. The academic studies deepened his insight into the mechanisms of cause and effect in human coexistence, the artistic studies sharpened his visual perception.

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Ein Teufelskreis. The most important cause of child labour is the poverty of the parents. Most parents would never send out their children to work, if dire need did not force them to do so. Child labour also means a higher supply of cheap labour for lowest wages — thus perpetuating the poverty of the parents. A vicious circle. How many minors toil away here is a matter of controversy. But the ban does nothing for the little workers. They have no choice if they and their families are to survive.

From sports photography he went on to political photography, from Australia via London to New Delhi. Berehulak has worked in more than 40 countries, in the war in Iraq as well as in Afghan elections, in Chernobyl and with the victims of the tsunami in Japan. He has been nominated for the Pulitzer We other the Children Prize and awards and has received major international accolades. Child labour in India is one of his main themes. Nach dem There Akram tried to earn a bit of money by collecting scrap metal. In among the rubbish he touched an unshielded electric cable and suffered such severe burns on his hands and arms that they had to be amputated.

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And he was touched at the same time by the serenity of their playing with the replacement hands. Majid Saeedi Getty Images wurde im Iran geboren. Im Alter von 16 Jahren begann er zu fotografieren. Sein Spezialgebiet ist der Nahe Osten geworden. Saeedi leitete die Bildabteilungen verschiedener Nachrichtenredaktionen und unterrichtet junge Fotografen. Majid Saeedi Getty Images was born in Iran in He began to take photographs at the age of The Middle East has become his special area.

His photojournalism about this region has won many accolades. Saeedi has headed the image departments of various news services and teaches photography. He also still travels through Iran, looking We the for stories thatChildren are unknown to the global public. Oradexon, so der Name des Mittels, ist billig und unkompliziert zu beschaffen. The dire situation of very young prostitutes is the subject of photographer GMB Akash, who lives in Bangladesh.

His horror about the desperate plight of these girls in the brothels of Faridpur District deepened when he found out what they have to do to their bodies to appear older and more attractive.

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Often daily and for years they take a steroid that in countries like Bangladesh is also used in cattle to make it look more well-fed. It is mainly meant for people who suffer from severe arthritis, asthma or allergies. It is called Oradexon and it is cheap and easy to come by. It causes water deposits in the tissue, which makes the bodies of the young girls look more voluptuous. That it also severely damages their health is something they have to live with.

Akash hopes that his pictures will encourage stronger efforts at protecting children from all forms of sexual exploitation. GMB Akashs Engagement wird international wahrgenommen und vielfach ausgezeichnet. In he took part in a World Press Photo Seminar in the capital Dhaka, which he recalls as a kind of revelation. He went on to study photography and multimedia and has since used his camera to communicate with those people who are rarely heard and mostly overlooked. His book Survivors evolved from his encounters with the poorest of the poor.

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  7. Akash passes on the proceeds of the book to its protagonists — as start-up support for a better life. Sechseinhalb Jahre alt, neun Kilo leicht Six and a half years old, weighing in at nine kilograms Guatemala Ein Elend, das nicht nur aus dem Klimawandel resultiert, sondern Folge verfehlter Agrarpolitik, fehlender Bildungsprogramme und der Ausgrenzung und Marginalisierung der Campesinos ist.

    Recurring drought repeatedly destroys large parts of the harvest there. Then the farming families go hungry, even if the fathers manage to work as day labourers on larger farms. Children like Marisela are quite common in this region. She is six and a half years old and only weighs nine kilograms. One in two children under five in Guatemala is malnourished.

    The mental and physical damages resulting from malnutrition are irreversible and make the mothers despair. A plight that is not just the result of climate change but also of failed agrarian policies, lack of education programmes, and the exclusion and marginalization of the campesinos. In ganz Guatemala sind nicht weniger als eine Million Kinder von Hunger betroffen.