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Not only have hundreds of millions of dollars been raised in the last year for both domestic and international causes, but time and expertise have also been generously donated to other Michiganders in need. In addition to these items, Muslim medical practitioners in the state donated more than 1, hours of mental health counseling and provided medical care to at least 4, patients in Furthermore, Muslim philanthropic organizations helped to rehabilitate homes.

CAIR Snapshots: Empowering, Educating and Defending the American Muslim Community Since June, 1994

The average Michigan Muslim household spent 18 percent more on charity in than the average household nationally. Muslim philanthropists aim to serve not only their faith group but the entire Michigan community. The efforts of prominent philanthropic and nonprofit activists and organizations with whom we spoke fell into two categories: those who helped individuals from all backgrounds with their basic human needs for food, shelter, and water; and those whose mission includes providing occupational training, youth-oriented programs, and other often-overlooked services.

Michigan is experiencing a period of substantial economic growth, thanks in part to a growing cohort of young professionals and a diversifying economy. Entrepreneurship and Job Creation: In , Muslims owned an estimated 35, businesses in Michigan, making up 4. Table 2.

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Top 10 licensed professions among Muslims in Michigan. Professional Licenses: To get a sense of Muslim contributions across professional fields, our team compared all professional licensure listings in the state against a list of common Muslim names for more information, refer to Appendix 1. Using state licensing data, Table 2 shows the top 10 licensed professions in terms of Muslim representation in Michigan. Table 3. Muslim household spending 2 9.

Educating the Muslims of America

Table 3 indicates how this money was spent per household. Compared with the nation generally, in Michigan Muslim households spent 20 percent more than the average American household in total consumer spending, four times more on education than the average American household, and two times more on apparel and services than the average American household.

The education landscape in America is changing rapidly. In speaking with professionals in the education community, we learned that the number of Muslim educators is growing rapidly, and many of these individuals are devoted to educating future generations of Michiganders. Artists and entertainers have the unique ability to reach across social boundaries of class, race, gender, and religion to reach wide audiences with their message. The Muslim Michiganders we spoke with recognized their ability to use their platform as artists and entertainers to empower others.

Leah Vernon is an author, fashion blogger, and plus-size activist. Vernon began blogging in , and readers immediately responded to her style and writings on body acceptance, culture, and diversity. Vernon is also the author of a young-adult fiction novel titled Impure , published in Sultan Sharrief is a film producer, director, and writer whose films address issues at the intersection of race, class, and religion.

Sharrief aims to encourage people and youth to tell their own stories through art and film. The blog Eater. Saab began cooking during her training as a social worker.

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Looking for a way to perform self-care, she fell in love with cooking. Today, she is using her cooking skills working for a Michigan-based philanthropic organization, Zaman International. In Michigan, Muslims compete and they also support athleticism through coaching, entrepreneurship, and even blogging. Notable Athletes and Teams: Athletes hold a revered position in American society and their influence reaches far beyond their athleticism.

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Young people often look to athletes for inspiration as role models, and the athletes here are no exception. Supporting Sports: Muslim Michiganders are also active in sports fan culture, bonding with others in the love of sport across many platforms. Hadid is now a Michigan State University student attending medical school, but he has always been passionate about sports.

He began the apparel screen printing company, which specializes in sportswear, as a college student with his childhood friend. Underground printing began in a garage in , but has since grown into the go-to shop in Ann Arbor for sports printing with more than 20 locations in college towns throughout the Midwest. Their food has become a tradition for many local college football fans and players, serving hundreds of people every week.

Photos of former players and sports memorabilia line the walls. In many cases we investigated, this included the strategic leveraging of new technological platforms to mix business, philanthropy, science, and more to have a bigger, positive effect on the larger community.

In this way, these renaissance people are advancing knowledge and fulfilling basic human needs. As a media expert, she has dedicated her time to running media literacy programs for youth groups, helping them decode and analyze media and create their own digital social media content.

Wright Museum of African American History. The event celebrates the legacy of hip hop through hands-on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics activities. More than 1, community members turned out for Dilla Youth Day in He has worked on a series of recent projects that demonstrate this commitment. With colleagues, he has created several unique smart phone applications aimed at solving social problems and inequalities. One is Crowdfeed, a smart phone application that allows individuals and families who cannot afford food to gain access to a meal by linking select restaurants and stores to donations in real time.

Another is NeighborFix, an app that provides an on-line marketplace for people to connect with and hire their neighbors for home repairs and odd jobs; this app provides jobs to families who need extra income while granting Detroit residents access to the household help they need but who face ZIP code discrimination by contractors.

How Muslims, Often Misunderstood, Are Thriving in America

Jafri has also worked as a Civilla Fellow on a mapping project that located every automated external defibrillator in Detroit to create a digital tool that aids emergency responders to quickly identify the location of defibrillators in a medical emergency. In all these projects, Jafri demonstrates his love and commitment to making a positive social impact on Detroit.

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  5. Juman Doleh-Alomary is a visionary in every field in which she is involved, rising to leadership positions in professional arenas with few other women. Doleh-Alomary also serves on the executive board of ISACA, a nonprofit, independent association that advocates for professionals involved in information security, assurance, risk management, and governance. Chris Blauvelt and Amany Killawi , co-founders of the internationally recognized Muslim crowd-funding platform LaunchGood, have facilitated the donation of millions of dollars to charity projects through their Web site since its inception in LaunchGood is headquartered in Detroit.

    Although LaunchGood efforts are mostly created by Muslim individuals, projects in need of funding range from clean water for Flint residents in the wake of the Flint water crisis to the repair of Jewish cemeteries. The founders are renaissance contributors because of their vast and diverse educational backgrounds. Their combined expertise led them to create LaunchGood and has galvanized communities throughout Michigan and across the United States.

    She is the executive director of American Arab Chamber of Commerce and chief operating officer of the Tejara Global Business Development Center, an international export incubator that seeks to attract and promote foreign investment to Michigan. Tejara has worked with businesses, approximately 85 percent of which are in southeast Michigan.

    In addition, she currently serves as a commissioner for the Michigan Commission on Middle Eastern American A airs and has served as a vice chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. Jacqueline El-Sayed embodies renaissance qualities in all that she does, making positive contributions across the entire state of Michigan through idealism and professionalism.

    She has also served as an influential faculty member of Kettering University for nearly two decades, rising to the position of associate provost. The Flint water crisis, a city-wide drinking water crisis that affected more than , residents beginning in , has resulted in a federal state of emergency declared in The national response to the plight of Flint has been immense, with response efforts ranging from legal and political aid to charitable contributions in the form of water and money.

    Our team uncovered that responses by Muslim Americans have been incredible. The information below provides an overview of the many contributions Muslims have made toward alleviating the Flint water crisis. This information was shared with then-President Obama ahead of his visit to Flint in spring , and with state and local politicians during Michigan Capitol Day of This task was initiated by Flint resident Jenan Jondy.

    The Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village has helped thousands of Flint families by facilitating water distribution, serving as a water pick-up site, and providing space to medical practitioners to run free health clinics. The campaign was started by the Michigan Muslim Community Council, and a Muslims4Flint hashtag was used to create awareness and momentum on social media. Muslim doctors have donated significant time and expertise in treating Flint residents whose health was compromised by the tainted water.

    The truth about Muslims in America

    Lead poisoning is known to cause long-term bodily damage and cognitive impairment, especially in children. A healthy diet is associated with increased ability to combat the negative effects of lead poisoning on the body. Armed with this knowledge, the Flint Muslim Food Pantry —a food distribution program —has worked tirelessly to provide high-protein, high-fiber meals to Flint families in need. This initiative is partnering with the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village and plans to find effective ways to study and address the many issues facing Flint, including the pervasiveness of food deserts, a deteriorating education system, and the water crisis.

    The research also aims to focus on the removal of blight using a debt-free model and working toward complete ownership—one that can be applied in declining rust-belt cities across the nation. Project leaders are currently writing grants and carrying out preliminary research to test the efficacy of a grassroots approach toward political advocacy, educational impact, and social services provisions.

    She was involved in filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Flint residents.

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    As a community leader, Shari was also included in discussions by the Flint Water Advisory Task Force in addressing the crisis. The Flint Coalition , a lobbying and advocacy group, comprises multiple Muslim nonprofit organizations working together on a four-point plan to 1 replace the affected lead pipes in Flint, 2 work with the state to invest resources designated toward alleviating the long-term needs of Flint, 3 appoint an independent auditor to oversee spending in Flint; and 4 contract local business to perform the necessary repairs and infrastructural improvements.

    Collaborative efforts among Muslim community- based organizations such as the Michigan Muslim Community Council, Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village, Islamic Relief, Life for Relief and Development, and many mosques and their congregants across southeastern Michigan have taken place to help Flint in its time of need. As such, an intervention to challenge the prominence of such negative imagery in mainstream media is necessary, and the findings in this report offer a rich and detailed starting point for this intervention.