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Esta historia esta basada en una idea de protosszealot However, with an Arctic creature appearing on the desert world out of the blue, such perfection came to be shattered It came as even more of a surprise when another AI contacted him across space and time to discuss the matter.

Terms of Service. Among of which were 3 Spartans. There is a massive celebration when the Spirit pulls into space dock over Harvest and the crew as well as the Spartans given a hero's welcome, while the Spirit itself is decommissioned. Though there are talks of converting it to an museum ship. The battle rages on and off for several days till it comes to a head and the battle shifts in favor of the combined fleets. But rather face defeat at the hands of Humanity and their Sanghelli allies, the Jiralhanae do the unthinkable and destroy their own home world.

The Great Schism had finally come to its bloody end. Led by former Jedi Count Dooku, this new faction breaks away on the grounds that the Republic had become too corrupt and that they would become the "New Order" that the galaxy desperately wanted.

Being a neutral party in an interstellar conflict and soon there are fears that either the Republic or the CIS would try to bring them into a war that the T. G does not want to be apart of. The sixty year old native of Reach had been on the job as President of the Terran Union for only a year, when news of the Republic Civil war As the press was now dubbing it reached the Terran capital and to tell you the truth, she was more than a bit worried. From the reports that were coming in, the Republic and the Confederacy were basically going at each other like two rabid Pit bulls.

Battles had engulfed entire star systems and planets that had refused to take sides in the conflict were invaded themselves by either the Republic or the Confederacy and their worlds used as massive military bases. This was a conflict that had the potential to rival or even dwarf the Covenant war in scale alone and that fact was not lost on the President.

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Lauren cold still remember hearing reports of the Covenant war when she was a little girl on Reach. Now as the leader of a new civilian government, St Clair was now in a position than no one before her had never been in and her main priority was to ensure that the Terran Union, namely the Andromeda Colonies, would remain neutral. All the while, trying to maintain good relations with the feuding powers. A task that was easier said than done.

The Joint Chiefs were basically the respective heads of each branch of the U. Defense Force and were formed about a year after the passing of Lord Terrance Hood to see after the operations of the military. As the military commanders entered the room and saluted her, a large, circular table arose from the center of the floor.

Soon everyone took a seat and the meeting began. They normally relied on the Republic for security.

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I don't think that the Republic or the Confederacy would risk an all out invasion of our colonies when both sides already know just what we are capable of. There is no doubt in my mind that they will continue to hound us until we finally decided to enter and I am afraid that they would do anything to have us enter.

The statement in question belonged to the head of the Central Bureau of Military Intelligence. General Victor Chernof. You just can't hide something that large for so long and not leave a paper trail of some kind. There were literally thousands of them in action. But it was only a few days before that the Republic chancellor announced that he was going to create a new army.

You don't get those numbers with that sort of training within a few days. For the next few hours the group began to discuss the matter and went over a number of scenarios that could occur.

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In the end it was decided that steps would be put in place to ensure the security of the Worth System Colonies, all the while sending a message that though they were neutral, they were still willing to defend themselves if attacked. And Admiral Ross just happened to know how to do so. The former Jedi and leader of the CIS was on his way to half talks with the system's administration council in an attempt to sway the Terran government and have them support his CIS.

Sure these Terrans were primitive at best and would be no match for what his master had planed for the galaxy, but the Terrans did have political pull and if they sided with the CIS, then even more worlds would side with them and the Republic would be no more. A chime from his navigational computer brought the sith lord out of his meditation and he got ready for when his vessel came out of hyper space. It was time for him to put his sith lord persona at the back of his mind and let the diplomat side of him to emerge. Relaxing himself a bit, the President of the CIS got ready as his vessel exited hyperspace.

But nothing could prepare the battle hardened Sith Lord for what he saw next. For in orbit around Worth was a large number of what was more than likely Terran warships. There were many that were just as or even larger that some of the vessels that the CIS had but it was the one vessel in the center of the formation that really caught his attention.

It had to have been at least 5 kilometers in length and it looked like it could not only take on a fleet of Lucerhulk-class battleships, but win as well. He had heard from the Neimioidian commanders that Terran vessels were "ugly" but this thing was just down right monstrous. Just how did this primitive species build such a thing? Suddenly another chime caught Dooku's attention, his ship was being hailed by the monstrous vessel. Wh have been expecting you.

As always please review and tell me what you think! Now alot of you have been hiting me up with ideas for new ships and and weapons but there are a few things i want to point out. It Took 20 years to built the Infinity and even though the UNSC by this point would have access to Forerunner Tech, they would most likely focus more on ships that are far more cost effective to build and operate such as destroyers and Carriers. Yes they were good at what they did but 1 think they crossed the line with the whole kidnapping children to make Spartans.

Something tells me that the civilian T. Taking up to 7 years to build each the Reach, much like her other sister ships were built using technology salvaged from Forerunner shield worlds and facilities found after the war. Making not only the largest vessel in the the UNSC, but one of the most advanced ships in the fleet and they class had quickly become the pride of the fleet. But because of the cost to build and opperate an Infinity-class vessel, the T.

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G had decided to build only a handful of vessel and they were usually used for long ranged patrols at the very edge of UNSC space as well as command and control vessels to the fleets they were assigned too. The Reach herself was no different and she was originally slated to follow suit. But it was only a few days ago that the UNSC command ordered the vessel to be diverted to the Worth system to be apart of the UNSC plan to intimmidate and deter both the Republic and the Confederacy from launching an attack on the colony.

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And currently it was doing it's job quite well as it had the leader of the Confereracy, Count Dooku in awe, as the his vessel made its way towards Worth. After being hailed by the Reach, the sith lord replied and said. I am here to negotiate with the Terran Union. But on the inside, he wondered just why they would send him an escort in the first place. Dooku for his part was taken aback when he saw the fighters form up behind him, it surprised him that these Terrans would use a fighter that was almost the size of one of the Republic's LAAT gunships.

But then again, theses craft were a lot more streamlined than the gun ships and chances were, they were far more deadlier. Keep in formation with the fighters. Count Dooku made his way towards Worth where he would meet with the representatives of the Terran Union government and plead his case to them to join the CIS.

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Within a few minutes of entering the planet ' s atmosphere Dooku caught his first view of New Plymouth, capital city and the seat of power for the Worth System administrative council. New Plymouth itself was located in what have could be described as a massive crater, the result of a asteroid or something similar impacting the planet's surface thousands of years ago. But what was really unique was the fact that the crater itself was located on the eastern coast of the only major land mass on the planet. As a result, the crater had large body of water within it while the eastern and southern part of the crater was rounded off by mountainous islands. While New Plymouth itself was located in the western part. Slowly, Dooku 's vessel approached the administration building within the city and began it's decent. All the while the two "Vampires" keeping a close eye on the Confederacy leader.

Almost coming to a complete hover as Dooku 's ship touched down on the small landing pad located on the administration grounds and as soon as it did, the 2 fighters leveled off and shot back off into the sky at an incredible rate of speed, to rejoin the fleet in orbit. Upon exiting his ship, the Sith lord was met by an man that was dressed in some kind of ornate military uniform.