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I feel only sorry for people like that……. Brilliant… I remember it all..

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Now it fears like home. I have to add Sheer Curtains! I like to see out. The sheer curtains! Oh gosh, my mom loved her sheer curtains, she also made them herself with fabric sent over from Germany. She still had three, yes three different large hunks of such fabric, with the lower edge containing a fine rope of lead to help them hang properly, that were to become curtains someday. Sell it? Ideas welcome!

They are 4. I used to make her nuts by pulling on the rope or string of little beads on the bottom.

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Go ahead and post on the germangirlinamerica Facebook page… add photos. Today is my birthday and I baked eine Obsttorte mit Sahne. My mother was of German and Polish descent. My first assignment was the bathroom. I called this duty latrine cleaner but I accepted my duty and others when asked. My mother did not cook German or Polish food because. However, when visiting my relatives I had plenty of both. Also when I went to Catholic school I was always referred to as the German girl. What do you mean German girl? I was born in America. Also my great grandfather came from Germany and eventually fought in the Civil War on the side of the north.

My parents immigrated to Canada from West Berlin in They got married shortly before coming to Canada so they could both be assured of being settled in the same city after arriving by boat. My parents sent me to Germany alone for 6 weeks during my summer holidays when I was 11 years old. I remember crying while walking to the plane. After 6 weeks I phoned my parents to ask if I could stay longer.

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I was so spoiled and saw so much including visiting relatives in East Berlin, being introduced to my first kneipe and after my visit I came back to Canada almost fluent in German. I also was blessed in that my parents also owned a German bakery and delicatessen which we lived above.

Christmas time was the best though with all sorts of the best chocolate goodies. I could also eat a whole blackforest cake all by myself! We still celebrate on Christmas eve with my parents and our kids along with keeping up with the tradition of putting up a real tree with plenty of German decorations.

What a wonderful way to grow up! How lucky you were.

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I was sent to Germany at 11 too… tag around my neck. I loved every minute. Haha, but otherwise ditto on all. Way too funny. Even things that we forgot about came back to mind. We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and have two kids, sorry…. We are all proud to be German and support our heritage as best as we can. We travel with the kids all over Canada and the USA when they perform at the different venues and shows. As the older generation passes on, it is up to us and our children and their children to keep our heratige and traditions going. Dear Karenanne: thank you so much for your wonderful article.

My sister received it from a friend and we both read it and laughed out loud. How true but not the Nazi part. We came to Canada in , to the prairies and I can not remember ever being called a Nazi. Canadians were wonderful people and never made fun of us but helped us to l earn English. We felt that we were treated better by Canadians then our own people in Germany.

We were also refugees from East Prussia and they never let us forget it. My Mom did not want to stay in West Germany as we never felt at home there so our whole family immigrated to Canada and even though the first year was very hard and of course we all had Heimweh at times but especially at Christmas, we soon settled in and never regretted coming to Canada.

Yes, we kept the old traditions but also adopted the new ones. Our Mom is 98 now and still irons everything and likes her flowers by the windows.

How about potato pancakes? We love them. Does anybody remember them?? All our friends love that too. I think Martin Luther started that. My kids and grand-kids love it that way and would never change. The little ones put on a little presentation, like reading a little story, sing a few little songs, some in German and play piano, then pass out the presents and then comes the best part, going to the Dining Room table where all the special Christmas goodies wait for them, marzipan, gingerbread and Stollen just to mention a few.

It is always a glories evening so why change it?. Thank you so much for your stories and all the comments. I loved reading them. Thank you so much! And thank you for sharing your experiences. My parents were both refugees from the east… Mama came from Schlesien, Papa from Brandenberg. Christmas Eve was so festive… singing, candles and plates of cookies. We still celebrate the same way. Doris, your Heiliger Abend is just like mine used to be. My parents came from East Prussia , fled. I absolutely loved your article!! This was me too!

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And we spent almost every summer in Deutschland! Yes, I was a little Nazi too! Leberwurstbrot mit mayonnaise was the last straw!! You are so spot on with the time capsule, luckily we still go back as often as possible. My poor teenaged girls have also been inducted into this unique club and I love that they embrace everything Deutsch!! Wish we could all get together for German-American fest and exchange stories!!

Vielen Herzlichen Dank for this funny and accurate article!

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I will be passing on to my fellow Germans!! Thanks for passing this along… I really want to hold the positive and leave the Kochloeffel in the drawer, where it belongs! My daughter is embracing her heritage finally and is planning to spend time studying abroad.

All is not lost! I still cannot sleep in a warm room! I would add the obsession with using the proper glass and piece of silverware for every beverage and meal.

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When I go out to dinner in the US with my Mutti, she always remarks that the restaurant never has the proper sized fork for dessert. Oh too true… and the obsession has trickled down to me. I taught my children to use a fork and knife properly, and I shudder when I see how people eat in restaurants. So true about everything else.

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  • Heino… Wahnsinn!! Now your blog has reached Australia, and we Exgermans relate to everything that has been said. We all have stories to tell, and we have children who have inherited some of our ways and coustoms. We Exgermans have formed a Kaffeeklatsch group to keep speaking German, and to help a friend who was the first baby born of Germans in internment during word war two in Australia. I play scrabble in German to keep the language going. I love this!!! My mother was born and raised in Germany and my father is an American. He was in the army and was stationed in Germany where he met my mom.

    We moved here when I was 8 in All of these hit home for me except school on Saturday. I miss my oma and opa and the rest of my family.