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It also shows the consequences of choosing the fast track.

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Each book centers on a certain character. Mason is the high school baseball star pitcher. But he loves the freedom of partying with his friends. He also loves music.

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Mason is living his life — going to school and meeting friends in Seattle. He finishes a baseball game for his high school team. He is the star pitcher. A flyer hits blows up to them in the win.

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Talent competition at Westlake Mall! At home, Mason thinks he should devote time to school. He thinks it could be his salvation, but he thinks about his girlfriend and his family. Mason goes to work at a local luxury apartment complex, where he is an assistant to the building manager. When Mason is delivering packages, he sees an old man almost die by falling off of the building.

Mason tries to save him — and catches him, saving the old man, while almost falling off the building himself. He sees this as a sign. He should enter the completion! Mason quits the baseball team immediately. Mason hands out flyers. He competes in the talent competition. The show goes well. Mason wins. He is flown to LA and is suddenly in a whole new world. Mason meets Amanda, who is also a contestant on the show. She embodies all that Mason desires: artistry, intelligence, and the girl-next-door quality. He feels he is falling in love. An offer to party after the show is made to Mason, which throws off his game.

He stays out late, damaging his chances at winning the competition. Mason calls his Dad.

The two make up. The show competition is on. It is the attainment of the goal, the fulfillment of the quest, but it is still uncertain if he will win the whole show. On break from filming the show, Mason loves the attention so much in LA that he does not want to return to high school. He does not want to be back in the drudgery of homework and rules and he finds it hard to relate to friends after his experience. There is either too much positive attention, or strain caused by people who see him as a threat.

Mason prepares to return home after the final show but we are not told if he wins. He realizes he is contractually bound to tour, though he is not getting paid much at all. At this juncture, his social media starts to explode, but not his pocketbook.

Weekend in Vegas! by Jackie Braun, Shirley Jump and Myrna Mackenzie

His parents want him in school. He knows Mason have been weakened and beat up by the experience, and he inspires them to keep going. Mason returns from LA to Seattle. He feels somewhat wiser, but how does he integrate this into his life. He struggles to find a way. He decides to commit to rehearsal and putting together a bigger and better band.

Mason is now comfortable now with both worlds — the glamourous LA lifestyle and the laid back Seattle lifestyle. Mason eventually settles in to a certain level of peace and freedom. He can rock shows and be in the present, not worried about the future or the past. He is at home on the high school campus, and he returns wiser. He then prepares to meet with his friends to compare results. The girl that Doug is attracted to is a freshman.

go to link Doug is single. Doug is on the baseball team. Doug bonds with his baseball coach.

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His coach, an ex-military guy, who is from Montana, teaches him the parallels between gambling and sports. It is difficult — hairstyles are different, etc.

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Doug learns that coming up is an online gambling event. Does Doug want something like this? Doug looks at a picture of when they were friends. Doug is sad somewhere, too. Doug respects him. After coming home from work, Doug parties with his friends. Doug sees this as a sign.

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Doug finds an online gambling site and applies to be in. His application gets accepted. Doug takes acting lessons on Lake City Way. They fly to the LA to meet some of the gambling contacts. The sharks are swirling. Doug is nervous again. Doug does boot camp in the hills of LA. Doug benches Just as things start to gel, Doug falls for Sara, who wants him to come with her for the summer. Mason sees this temptation as dangerous. He wants Mason to play baseball again and join the local league and maybe have a shot at making the team in the spring. Mason disagrees.