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Arrow sign pointing to right. French for San? French for "cavern of light. Agatha spots more and more ads, featuring herself, for racier and racier products and needs to sit down. Martellus offers to get a table. Someone tells him not to be absurd. Violetta: "…You have fears? Cake fears? Now I know that any cake— any cake at all —could be stuffed full of duplicitous evil!

Kitty's Morning Tea: Kinetic Theory of Matter for Kids

I shall overcome this fear by eating every cake I see! Mostly obscured text in panel 1. Mostly obscured text in panel 2. Mostly obscured text in panel 3. The unidentified speaker in the last panel is revealed to be Xerxsephnia von Blitzengaard Martellus's sister on the next page. Seffie arrives in a lizard-driven limo. She tells Martellus that Grandma wants to see him; he's guest of honor at a "welcome back" party. She welcomes Agatha to Paris, invites her to the party, and to go clothes shopping.

Martellus unwillingly leaves with Seffie; he wanted cake.

Kinetic Theory and Phase Changes: Crash Course Physics #21

Seffie: "Tsk. Martellus—the ladies want to have their cake in peace. Gil and Bang are engaging in sword play in Bang's case, sword and axe play with Bohrlaikha and Higgs looking on. Holfung-Borzoi is where Zulenna was is? Gil explains that he thinks the "Queen of the Dawn" is Lucrezia and that there is no way to know who is under Lucrezia's control or entirely "possessed" by her.

He wants a way to detect, and better yet, cure, revenants. He plans to extract Tarvek from Mechanicsburg to get his help, since Tarvek knows Lucrezia's work best. Bang: "Yeah, but then, why aren't we up to our ears in Lucrezias? How would we know? Name on tally ribbon on Higgs' cap, panel 4. Gil thinks he can get Tarvek out of Mechanicsburg safely. Spudna wants to steal Agatha's wasp eater, but Gil forbids it. He says Agatha and her wasp eater are under the protection of the Master of Paris, to whom he's sent a message, but he's interrupted before he can say why.

Gil's agents report. One of them, miniature Susa, knows gigantic Gritha Pantagruel, who also works for Gil, from way back. While being treated by Gil, he reports that the entire town of Hraggel's Point was wasped. So—Hraggel's Point. The whole town's been wasped —and we were there.

As Drumblebekk tries to escape through a trap door, it opens from below and Shambling Revenants, with Masters, emerge. They wasp the whole town with a new kind of slaver engine, then leave. Susa [21] : "I don't think he was expecting Revenants. This model contains a miniature queen and spits out mosquito-sized wasps.

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The reappearance of slaver engines is strong evidence the Other is back…or is it? It would seem your suspicions were correct , Herr Baron. The Other has returned after all.

But if she's really back—if it's really her—why haven't we seen anything new from her? Gil , Susa , Harken Maganox?

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Gil thinks this is unlikely, but that something unknown and unsettling is going on since the Other has produced nothing new for years. Gil: "She's got her servants conquering Europa for her, but something is keeping her from acting directly—and that makes me wonder… What if the Lucrezia Essentia in Agatha isn't as well contained as we thought she was?

What did she do—what did she set in motion —when Agatha wasn't in control? Gil uses the word Essentia plural Essentiae , which is Latin for "essence," to refer to whatever it is of Lucrezia's mind, spirit, soul?

PDF Kittys Morning Tea: Kinetic Theory of Matter for Kids

Gil apparently coins this term as he is speaking in the first panel on this page. This page is a low-resolution preview of new wallpaper available to download at various resolutions. This image may be inspired by one of the "dogs playing poker" paintings of C. This page is an image of Agatha drinking cocoa in a rather skimpy outfit. It represents an "in-universe" Parisian advertisement [25] featuring an unauthorized representation of Agatha.

A fan on this wiki suggested that this painting is influenced by Art Nouveau , particularly the work of Alphonse Mucha. A formally dressed woman enjoys a very proper British tea in a tearoom with a glass wall that looks out at a subaqueous scene of a large tentacled thing seemingly about to engulf a much smaller submarine vessel with its arms.

This image is part of a poster advertising tea. Given that this poster is about tea and the room shown appears to be underwater, it seems to be a good bet that it is set is England , in the submerged "Glass City" of London. Young woman Agatha? A young woman, sweating and dressed in blacksmith gear, one hand on her forehead and the other holding the handle of a very large mallet with its head resting on the floor, is striking a sexy pose in front of a stream of molten metal.

She seems to be in some sort of smelting works or foundry. Agatha, dressed in cold weather gear, wearing a crown-like device, and carrying an enormous wrench, walks down a wintry corridor, which is lined with giant, transparent cylinders.


The cylinders are each more than large enough to hold a human being but contain a wide variety of indistinct, monstrous forms, all seemingly frozen. There is tubing along the pathway and a collar at the base of each cylinder, making it seem as if the frigid nature of the hall and cylinders is being maintained by technology.

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  5. Agatha , Out of Commission Clanks. Agatha is in what seems to be a junkyard, surrounded by ruined clanks, in various stages of disrepair and decay.

    Honors and Awards

    She holds a tub full of gears and cogs. Behind her is a container, possible made from part of a clank's head, full of vacuum tubes. Small gears and tubes decorate her hair. Many other clank parts surround her feet, most sorted into groups or in containers.

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    Of special interest is a collection of what seem to be very high-capacity power cells. Agatha, looking very happy, is standing in a laboratory surrounded by electrical and other equipment. The arcs emit a greenish yellow glow, illuminating and framing Agatha.