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Finally, our capacity to rise to the global challenges of the coming decade will depend on our ability to mobilise new resources from a more diverse group of partners. This again, will require changes in how we work.

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I look for work and I have not found a way after the suffering and the hardship of research among this conflict that did not end in my country and knocked all doors but no avail and here I am looking for voluntary work, even if only a little enough to live in dignity and I can support my family. The current situation in my country has become, in one word, mass destruction in the infrastructure and destruction of human beings. Truly, we are living in a world where volunteerism also is regulated. Greediness for power and grab power for self-development is prevalent everywhere.

No one has opportunities to voluntarily offer free service because doors are closed for people with integrity but open for people who support corruption.

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I am incredibly saddened and sorry to hear Walid. It may not seem like anything at all given what you describe. I wish you all the very best to you and your family.


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Strong local actors. A distributed network. A trusted organization.

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Volunteering and youth. Influencing humanitarian action. Digital transformation. Wiener Linien GmbH Girls Day Daughters between 11 — 16 years of employees have the opportunity to dive into the various technical fields and related jobs The intention is to motivate young girls choosing a technical job or starting a technical education.

Wiener Linien offers Bottom up approach to be vocal about growing opportunities and things to do better with the commitment from the management board and important internal stakeholders and decision makers to act on these topics. Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid EMT Participation to the one-day seminar on "Women in transport — a step forward" ATUC, the town and city public transport association, will hold a one-day seminar on 'Women in transport — a step forward', where the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid will take part in two round tables: 'Sharing experiences' and 'Women's stories'.

A seminar focusing on the role of women in transport. Gender equality polices, sharing experiences and women telling their own stories The Employment Agency of Madrid and the passenger transport company ALSA have signed a framework partnership agreement to deliver 3 training courses for 45 unemployed people of Madrid as drivers of buses and passenger cars Some of the benefits included in this agreement are increasing employement rates in the least well represented departments, our rentless The intention is to raise awareness among girls and young women regarding job opportunities within the technical sector, in particular The purpose of this initiative is to discuss co-responsibility and equality with institutions and companies who have a significant role to play Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences.


Transport Management Degree Programme Girls' Day in the Transport Management Degree Programme The girls' day seeks to inspire future university students in topics normally more men-oriented and show them the how wide the transport area is. We also show them It seeks to increase the number of potential female students so that they later join the transport sector as workers. InsideBoard automatically identifies and guides ambassadors according to engagement level, influence, and performance criteria. InsideBoard is compatible with all professional applications—both commercial and in-house.

InsideBoard integrates directly with your professional application thanks to its interactive widget and Single Sign-On connection.

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