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Sure, why not? How about rereading a book? And don't tell them a book is too hard or too easy. This is a skill that must be taught, and it takes some work. Parents should show their children that reading can be fun and help to incorporate reading as part of the everyday activities the whole family enjoys. I believe parents are good reading role models.

If your child sees you and other family members reading, it's more likely that he or she will pick up a book. Miller has been writing for more than forty years. His backgrounds in science fiction, astronomy, technology, and classic literature inform his work, which has included novels, short stories and music.

Kyle learns to be humble, to take responsibility for his actions, and to apologize for his wrong-doings. Logan extends an olive branch to Kyle despite the troubles he has caused, thus providing a model for forgiveness and the offering of a second chance. I thought the characters all demonstrated depth and the relationships among them were well developed. My Bottom Line: Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter is a science fiction, edge-of-your seat thriller that will captivate you with its imaginary techno-world filled with spooks; its engaging and suspenseful plot driven by the race to find the powerful Staff of the Sky Shifter; and its endearing adolescent main characters who lead a brave and loyal group of children.

Because there is some violence and some frightening concepts e. Will I read it again: No. I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

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Jul 27, Grampy rated it it was amazing. Miller is Book 1 in a new, tantalizing and enchanting young adult science fiction series. Logan and his younger sister, Mindy, were the only two others who actually saw the giant spider, and not everyone believed them. Consequently, the neighborhood was quickly split into two factions. Renowned bully, Kyle, commanded one faction, ruling by use of fear. Kyle had always disliked Logan, so the stage was set for a showdown between the two, owing to the lack of adult supervision or intervention.

In conceiving Shadowind, L. Miller has blazed a trail into virgin territory. Shadowind exists inside a computer.

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All the characters, buildings, events, etc. Logan, quite by accident the first time, is able to enter his computer, where he finds himself in the middle of a war game. Completely baffled, he finds himself back sitting at his computer desk. After a few more trips into the computer, during which Logan learns a little more each time, Logan suddenly discovered Mindy has joined him inside. Kyle breaks the interface device that allowed Logan to enter and exit the computer, effectively trapping him inside without hope of returning home.

L.A. Miller

But, alas, Logan has learned the Staff of the Sky Shifter is hidden somewhere in the virtual world, and it is his mission to locate it before the evil Spirit Being, a computer virus, finds it, or the entire world of Shadowind will be destroyed. Even as the evil virus spreads, more and more sub-routines are failing. This story is captivating, fascinating, enchanting, original, fresh, and all sorts of other good adjectives. Aug 23, Charline Ratcliff rated it really liked it.

The story was fun, it captured, and held, my interest from page one and best of all? It was a nice, fast-paced read. Miller, has been writing for more than four decades and his mastery of the written word clearly shows in this book. When they wake up the next morning they discover the world they now reside in is not the same as it was when they went to bed.

Where are they? Where is home? More importantly, where are their mom and dad? Once Mindy and Logan have sort of come to grips with this disconcerting situation, they leave the house in an attempt to locate their missing parents. Who knows, maybe this is just an extremely over-the-top prank gone horribly, horribly awry. Unfortunately, when they step outside, they are disheartened to immediately discover that there are other children from their neighborhood who are also looking around; seemingly as confounded by their whereabouts as Logan and Mindy were a few moments ago.

Spotting Preston, their next door neighbor who turns twenty today, Logan and Mindy hurry over to him; hoping he has the answers.

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Sadly, he is just as confused as they are. As the three of them stand on the lawn, attempting to figure out what happened while they were sleeping; they are interrupted by odd, rhythmic, clanking noises. Looking toward the noises they are shocked to see a large metal spider marching directly at them.

Miller provides the reader with an entertaining story, realistic character interactions and attention to detail. Four stars… Reviewed in association with Rebecca's Reads. Sep 12, Underground Book Reviews rated it liked it.

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Every child dreams of what the world would be like if all parents suddenly disappeared. The basis of Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter explores that idea. Fifteen-year-old Logan and his thirteen-year-old sister, Mindy, wake up one morning to find their parents gone.

The teens have been transported to someone else's house and into someone else's pjs. Seeking a logical answer to this very strange situation, the two venture out, only to see other children in the same predicament. Things get stranger Every child dreams of what the world would be like if all parents suddenly disappeared. Things get stranger still when a local young adult, Preston, is captured by a giant metal spider. Continuing through this cyber rabbit hole, the pair soon learn that Logan can enter his computer and play the games there.

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Jun 03, Konstanz Silverbow rated it it was amazing. This book blew me away! Oh my goodness, the genius that went on in this book is something totally fresh, completely new. I don't even have another book to compare to. Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter just blew me away! Seriously, the detail, the story, the imagination it took to creature such an enjoyable book just swept me off my feet. I definitely recommend this book! It took me on such a fun adventure, such a thrilling ride! I was completely take aback!

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Not often do you really get to see a br This book blew me away! I cannot wait to read the next book!

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This book is very genius, very enjoyable, very adventurous! Jan 07, John Gunning rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads. It's Every kids dream, to wake up one morning to find out all the grown ups in town have vanished. For Logan and Mindy Oakes it soon turns into a nightmare when they realize that they and their neighborhood friends have been abducted to a strange world where their parents are missing and giant mechanical spiders roam the streets. In this new land anything is possible , even being downloaded I won this book Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter Book 1 from the first read give-a-way on Goodreads.

In this new land anything is possible , even being downloaded into a computer's role playing game with a killer virus. I found this book to be an enjoyable read, following along with this fun and an imaginative adventure. My only regret is that you have to be under the age of twenty to be transported to this alien world Jan 04, Diane rated it really liked it. I found this to be a interesting book received from the author L. I have not read any of his books before and was very impressed with his writing.

I did like his characters who where very believable. Logan and Mindy are two siblings every sence of the word. They find themselves along with neighborhood kids dropped into a mysterious world They will all have to working together to find their parents who are missing. Will they be able to find their parents and their way back home again. A well I found this to be a interesting book received from the author L.