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I have now started my own business, lost the excess weight and I now make myself the main priority in my life, which ironically has led to better relationships. An investment that will last a lifetime! Taking that first step to contact Victoria was one of the best and most amazing things I have ever done. From my very first contact with Victoria, I knew I had someone who was going to be there for me and support me the whole time.

I looked forward to my contact with Victoria.

What is self-esteem and self-confidence?

As the weeks went by, I learnt so much from her and gradually began to start believing in and liking myself. I began to focus less on food and more on living and enjoying my life. But Victoria has not only helped me with my weight and diet. She has shown me how to love myself, and when you love yourself, everything else in life is amazing.

I wish anyone who feels the need to contact Victoria, all the very best. Let her work her magic on you. Trust her to change your life. I did. She is very positive and inspirational and very patient. She is brilliant at motivating you to keep going and has a real understanding of hurdles to overcome along the journey. She is an outstanding role model as she genuinely practices what she preaches. Her knowledge of exercise and nutrition is excellent. I would definitely recommend hiring Victoria as a coach.

Get in touch to request a free call. Have you tried every diet out there? Get my free 5-day course to get you started on your path to freedom.

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Lifestyle Changes Stop following short term diets and commit to making healthy lifestyle changes instead. Are you too hard on yourself? Do you never put yourself first? Send me the E-Book. I want in! Help yourself Have a nosy through my blogs to see if any of them can help you to help yourself. Happy Reading. Natalie Police Officer, 38, UK.

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  • Previous Next. My Latest Articles What is the difference between dieting and healthy behaviours? Foods like spinach, broccoli, meat, dairy and eggs are great sources of B vitamins. As well as including all the right mood-boosting foods, you may find reducing your intake of certain foods can help with self-esteem too. Take a look below for some foods to limit:. Sugar - If you're not feeling good about yourself you may instinctively reach for a sugary snack to perk yourself up.

    This may work in the short-term, however, the spikes and falls in blood sugar levels will disrupt your mood and leave you feeling drawn out and lethargic in the long run. Try to replace sugary snacks for a piece of fruit, nuts or seeds instead. Caffeine - Drinks like coffee and caffeinated soft drinks can cause mild dehydration if too much is consumed and may lead to withdrawal headaches.

    Similarly to sugar, if too much caffeine is consumed it can disrupt your energy levels and cause mood swings, which over time can affect your confidence.

    I Finally Started The Self-Love Diet And I’ve Never Felt Better About My Body

    Try to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume and up your intake of caffeine-free herbal teas and water. Alcohol - Drinking alcohol may give your confidence a brief lift but, as too much alcohol can be both a stimulant and depressant, you are likely to feel irritable and anxious the following day. Avoid drinking over the recommended guidelines and have at least two alcohol-free days a week - your body and mind will thank you for it.

    When you have a poor relationship with food and your body, it can have a big impact on daily life.

    2. I paid attention to what I was eating.

    When it consumes your thoughts it can make you feel low and, at its worst, even contribute to depression and eating disorders. Building a healthy and nurturing relationship with yourself is key. This can take time, work and a whole lot of compassion, but the results are worth it. Learning more about body neutrality may be a helpful first step for you.

    Many people find it both helpful and necessary to work with professionals. You may want to look into counselling to see if a therapist can help you understand why your relationship with food and your body is the way it is and how to take those first steps to self-acceptance. To complement this work, a nutritionist can help you honour your hunger , eat more intuitively and reach any health goals you set.

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    • 2. I paid attention to what I was eating..
    • Trying new foods and building confidence in the kitchen can also help to rekindle a love for food. The aim here is for you to see eating as a joyful thing, not something that triggers stress and anxiety. Understanding how different foods affect your body and mind will help hugely with this.

      I take joy in food and note how the foods I eat make me feel. If I feel bloated, in pain or lethargic after a meal, I remember to avoid or reduce my portions next time.

      Self-Love Changed My Relationship With Fitness and Food | 24Life

      This way of eating, with its distinct lack of restrictions, rules or calorie counting, is called intuitive eating. This means looking at your lifestyle as a whole to consider what may be affecting your confidence. As we have discussed, a key factor here is diet and your relationship with food.

      A nutritionist will work with you to analyse your typical day-to-day diet and determine what changes you could make to help with self-esteem and confidence. This tailored eating plan is an ideal complement to other changes to your lifestyle, supporting you as you build up your confidence. Please note we are unable to provide any personal advice via this feedback form. Find out more at happiful. Log out Welcome back log in join us. Submit feedback on this page.

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