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Despite the backdrop, Chinese deputy-level negotiators and Washington officials began trade talks on Monday hoping to alleviate tariffs on a the few billions of dollars each country has enacted this year. Reports are indicating that the talks , so far, have been productive and that a mini deal where the U. CompTIA submitted comments to the U.

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Some components crucial to our member companies included parts that are needed to maintain or repair already purchased printers. CompTIA is pleased to see that this component has been excluded from receiving tariffs so that American consumers and small businesses, who use their printers every day, would not have to make that choice.

CompTIA is also pleased to see thermometers were excluded from receiving tariffs. Types of thermometers that fall into this category include outdoor thermometers, window thermometers, kitchen temperature tools like meat thermometers, digital thermometers that parents use for their children, and temperature sensors that are used as part of household thermostat systems. Americans purchase 17 million thermostats each year to help manage energy costs and we are pleased that Americans and small businesses would not have to feel the double burden of 1 higher prices on thermostat systems, a consumer necessity, and 2 higher energy bills because consumers will be less able to afford energy-efficient smart thermostat systems.

These parts are used by everyday Americans and small businesses and we are pleased to see that no additional costs will be passed down to consumers. Like all such works, it made this moderately leftwing British grump feel vaguely icky, since persuading people to find transcendent fulfilment in generating bigger profits for your mop-manufacturing firm — one of their examples — strikes me mainly as a nifty way to avoid paying them more. By collecting diary entries from people at seven companies, the authors generated 12, person-days of data on moods and activities at work.

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Small wins "had a surprisingly strong positive effect, and small losses a surprisingly strong negative one. Breaking big challenges down into chunks isn't original advice, of course. What Amabile and Kramer's findings emphasise is how disproportionate the relationship is between the size of an achievement and the happiness it delivers. A breakthrough accomplishment that's a thousand times bigger than a "small win" doesn't make you feel a thousand times better, or happier for a thousand times longer — and won't outweigh the effects of countless small setbacks you'll encounter en route. The challenge, on a personal level, is remembering to notice the smaller things you've achieved. Keeping a "done" list, as well as or instead of a to-do list, is one remarkably effective idea.

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The ungrammatically named website IDoneThis. Try it: you'll be smugly impressed at what a high achiever you are.

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