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Obama came into office telling a war-weary nation he would wind down two wars and prevent new ones. Since he was the leader of this bunch, he was always concerned for their safety. Keeping pace with him was his brother Poseidon, who shared the same dark hair but had eyes the turquoise color of the sea that he ruled.

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And behind them, the rest of the gang jogged along. There were three other boys—Ares, Apollo, and Hades. Get the fig jam! She was their weak link. She stumbled along at the back of the line, her sleepy eyes half-closed. Her twin brother, Apollo, held her arm, guiding her. When blond-haired Hera turned to stare, Apollo shook his head in dismay.

Her dreams and thoughts must run very deep! She sounded a bit breathless from jogging along the rocky forest path. Zeus could hear them arguing behind him, and he sighed. A prophecy foretold that the Olympians would overthrow King Cronus and the evil Titans someday. Each of them needed to find their own magical object or weapon first, and there were still more Olympians to find too.

Coco (folklore)

From beside Zeus, Poseidon looked back at the sleeping Artemis. It looked like a pitchfork but was magical and could shoot water from the ends of its three pointy prongs. Apollo appeared to consider this. Rhymes were his specialty, especially the ones in songs. He was a talented musician. He could sing and also play the lyre, a stringed instrument that he carried slung across his back. Hera rolled her eyes.

Everyone came to a dead stop, panting as she pointed to a footprint in the dirt.

Scare Zones

Though not as enormous as King Cronus, the Cronies were way bigger than the Olympians. In fact, they were as tall as trees!

I Don't Like the Sound of That Place - TV Tropes

Zeus looked over at Hera. Can you use your feather to scout for King Cronus and his army?

Hill also mentions there was never a conscious effort to make the virgin of the group be the sole survivor. Originally, the screenplay had a phone conversation between Dr. Loomis and his wife. The Phelps Garage truck Dr. I wonder how much that guy gets paid. Okay, we get it, dude. I wonder if that guy gets invited to parties just to announce when people arrive.

Haunted Houses

Hill notes Carpenter had the music in his head before filming began. He would play the theme for her on the piano as they were working on the screenplay. He asked Carpenter if it could be done. Carpenter said it could if he was given creative control.


Pray for Nice, pray for all the children

Hill notes the teenagers in Halloween were written to reflect the teenagers of the time, the way they experiment and interact with one another, particularly during Halloween. She recognizes this is one of the main reasons why the film did so well financially. While filming the opening sequence, they realized the running time on Halloween would be too short. Debra Hill, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy Loomis who plays Annie, and a cameraman went out in a car and shot a sequence of dialogue to pad the running time.

The story Loomis tells about meeting and treating Michael Myers was something Carpenter experienced while attending Western Kentucky University. A class visited a mental institution. He remembers the opening of the film when the meteor flies at the audience and explodes. I was in a movie theater. To achieve the shot of Michael Myers strangling the dog, the trainer on set held the dog in his arms and dropped him naturally.

Because Carpenter was just speaking two seconds ago, and we might have forgotten who he was in this time. Well played, Anchor Bay. The idea of creative control comes up. Hill, after being announced yet again, mentions Carpenter getting creative control on Halloween was a big deal for him, especially at a young age. And NBC is struggling today. Hill goes on to talk about censorship and how she hates and fights it when it comes as an arbitrary decision. She also thinks these people probably have bad breath.

Carpenter notes the pace of Halloween, how it moves with a confident, steady progression and nothing is rushed. He notes Pauline Kael said in her review of Halloween that he has no sense of timing, but that the pace in Halloween is very deliberate to build the tension of when this killer is going to strike next. Hill talks about the teen splatter film and how it differs from the films she grew up with. She explains that in exploitation films, she was never playing the character who was being exploited.

She was playing the strong, capable leads. This guy shows up more here than Michael Myers. Curtis mentions the way the moment where she stabs Myers with the knitting needle then drops the knife looks stupid, since it was shot wide.

e-book The Evil Palm Tree and the Village Terror

She explains if it were shot closer, you would be able to see the revulsion on her face from holding the knife. As it is, it just looks like a dumb, careless act. Carpenter showed Halloween to an executive before it was finished.