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We can also see various variables are mapped to their values in the com. CommonMap file. This collaborates our earlier network traffic analysis related to port and XMPP We can now also conclude that ikonkek2. We had earlier discovered that the app tries to discover the plug by sending some broadcast messages on port Searching for this in the code reveals the class com. PackageSendData cmd, cmd. We can also run strings on it to gather more information. We open the native library in Ghidra and start by looking at the Symbol Tree to locate our function:.

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The function uses switch statements to set a character to each corresponding position in the key. We had also seen network communication between the app and the server ikonkek2. What we see is that the minaEncode method base64 encodes the output from the PackageSendData method. This is the same method that is used to encrypt the UDP discovery messages.

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Good thing we already analysed that method and got the encryption key. What is necessary in order to control or handle the power associated with the priesthood?

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What principles of righteousness can you find listed in Doctrine and Covenants —42? The list should include: persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, love unfeigned, kindness, pure knowledge. Ask students which of these principles they would like to learn more about. You may need to explain that long-suffering is patient endurance of a trial, injury, or provocation and being slow to anger, punish, or avenge. Love unfeigned refers to love that is sincere or genuine and not counterfeit in any way.

Those with assignments in the Church cannot and should not try to exert power or influence over others because of his or her position of authority. How might the principles of righteousness help those with callings in the Church to guide and influence the people over whom they have responsibility? Invite students to think about a Church leader they know who is a good example of one or more of the qualities listed on the board.

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Ask several students to talk about this person and how he or she exhibits these qualities. You may want to ask some of the following questions after student responses:.

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  6. Why do you think the qualities of this person influenced you positively? Why do you think the Lord would encourage us to influence others in this way? Testify that these qualities are the way that Heavenly Father encourages us to live righteously and that they are the way we ought to influence others to do the same. Invite students to think about people over whom they might have some influence.

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    Ask them to consider which of the qualities written on the board they feel they might need to improve. Invite them to write a goal in their journals about how they plan to improve on one of these principles of righteousness.

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    Note: This doctrinal mastery cumulative review is optional, and it can be added to this lesson if there is time. You may alternately choose to spend class time to complete Doctrinal Mastery lessons or sequential scripture lessons that you previously did not have enough time to complete.


    Give each student a small piece of paper. Invite the students to select one of the doctrinal mastery passages they have studied so far this year.

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    Ask them to write down a thought, a feeling, or a question someone might have that could be helped or answered by the doctrinal mastery passage they selected. Doctrine and Covenants — As students think and write, you may want to walk around the room and look for those who may need help. After students have had sufficient time, gather the papers. Read aloud from the papers one at a time, without telling students which doctrinal mastery passage they might use to help the problem or answer the question.