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I always liked that line. People think there was some marketing genius behind the development of mountain bikes, but we were just having fun.

And as you rode along in the warm, keen air you had a sensation that the world was standing still and life would last forever. Although you were pedaling with such energy you had a delicious feeling of laziness. Somerset Maugham.

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They were moving so fast. Hills were nothing to them.

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They had light bikes, expensive ones, and the climbs were only excuses to use the great strength of their legs. They suffer so much during the race just to get to the finish, they hang on for dear life in the climbs, but then in the final kilometers they are transformed and do amazing things. Seeing them suffer throughout the race only to be reborn in the final is something for fascination.

Later on you develop more mental concentration, mental preparation to maintain the physical capacity.

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Next you develop the spiritual. In peacetime, they have bike racing. It is probably a fault. Rarely do I feel down after losing. But I take the victories very much in my stride as well, not being able to enjoy the moment of success as much as others.

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  • My aim has always been to be a good professional. When I sit down and try to work out my atitude to winning and losing, it comes out thus: I am not a bad loser, it is just that I prefer to win.

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    You will not regret it if you live. There is so much misery in this world that everybody looks for peace and quiet.

    The Tour de France refuses security. It involves and needs the concept of facing pain and defeat.

    In the middle of the night before a big classic, he would awaken to heighten his bicycle seat a millimeter or correct the inclination of his handlebar before returning to bed totally appeased. This dictator was an angel. This sphinx was an ecumenical and taciturn human being that destiny refused to spare. It is what it does, its form is its function.

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    But touching is revealing as insufficient; what is necessary is to be able to get on the bicycle and take a ride. Follow bicyclingmag on Instagram. Snap a picture of yourself riding to work OR your favorite spot on your commute and hashtag it bicyclingcommute. Sky Yaeger of Shinola : Known for being one of the main architects of the current form of city bikes, Yaeger started her career at the famed Yellow Jersey bike shop in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Yaeger has leveraged a lifetime of experience to make the Shinola Bixby and Runwell models as predictable as they are comfortable and as beautiful as they are durable. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning.

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