Guide To the Stars by L. Ron Hubbard - Interstellar Time Travel on a Futuristic Starship

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Several TV series — Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon Five, and Lost in Space — popularized the notion of travel not only throughout our solar system, but far out from our own galaxy. As Hubbard was fond of pointing out, science fiction is so often a precursor to science reality, and space travel is no exception. Between them, they went on to explore, from a distance in space, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. They found a total of 22 new satellites orbiting these four planets.

Some of these moons are thought to have surfaces of thick ice covering deep oceans of water. Certain scientists believe that these lunar oceans, not Mars, are the most likely places to find life on other planets within our solar system. What about human astronauts visiting destinations beyond our own solar system? Even if we stay within our galaxy, the nearest star is about 10, times as far away as Pluto. To travel to such a destination within a human lifetime requires a spaceship that cruises at more than 10, miles a second — around 5 percent the speed of light — and can accelerate to this speed within 10 years.

One solution: generational space ships. These are gigantic ships where families, even communities, of people can live and procreate, so that a crew consisting of descendants of the original astronauts who were in the ship when it launched from Earth will reach the destination eventually, barring mishap.

Whether you consider it possible for humankind to reach the stars, it remains a steadfast proposition since the dawn of the genre, that we will somehow, someway and someday be traversing the galaxies. His SF web site is www.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Ron Hubbard wrote Buckskin Brigades. One white man raised by the Blackfeet—Yellow Hair—undertakes a treacherous Such is the life of the land-loving, seafaring Mister Tidwell, Gunner. Thrust into service at the height of the Ron Hubbard: Mission Earth Volume 8. Who is the true master of disaster? Earthlings: prepare for the shock of your lives! Global warming.

The energy crisis. The greatest problem on Earth.

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Ron Hubbard: Mission Kinky killers. Exploding speedboats. American Sailor Kurt Reid is a hothead and a hard case—a man who hits first and asks questions later. Falsely accused and under the gun, Reid jumps ship and vanishes into Shanghai —only Phantom Patrol by L. A man as smart, tough, and fearless as they come.

Long before Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips fell into the hands of modern-day pirates, Johnny faced the same high-stakes action on the high seas Lucky Martin is a daredevil of the skies—a test pilot who lives to break the rules and push the envelope. Sound like a perfect role for Errol Flynn? It did to Hollywood, as Flynn was cast in the movie of the same name.

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His latest invention could Take the law into your own hands, and you risk losing your grip on everything else—including your life. His father murdered, his family ranch torched, he goes gunning for Harvey He soon realizes one terrible fact More than once Dixon has meted out Categories: Action and Adventure; All Romance.

He may, in fact, be about to uncover the key to gaining Is Greed good? The future of Earth and all of mankind may hang on that one question. And George Marquis Lorrilard—a space age ace-pilot, adventurer and fortune-hunter to rival Hans Solo of Star Wars—is just the man to answer it.

L. Ron Hubbard, Jack Williamson, H.G. Wells and SF Greats Take Humanity to the Stars

The world is divided between Asia and the United Continents—two great super powers locked in eternal So he starts digging into very dangerous ground. He runs into something out of an apocalyptic horror. Something which cannot be reasoned with, something which cannot be bought, something which has no remorse about They call him Suicide, Smoke or simply Sudden Death.

Heinlein, Author"Chilling and lucid. Categories: All Science Fiction. As brash and bold and daring as Steve McQueen, Lieutenant Lee Briscoe will never back away from a good cause or good fight.

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And when it comes to heroism, he and McQueen are in the same band of brothers. To the Stars by L. Space is deep, Man is small and Time is his relentless enemy How far is too far? Alan Corday is about to find out. Corday is shanghaied aboard a futuristic starship bound on an interstellar journey. Carnival of Death: Detective Clark is deep undercover at Shreve's Mammoth Carnival, when he discovers first one and then another headless body.

While others believe the gruesome murders are solved after four tribal headhunters working for the show suddenly disappear, Bob Clark suspects someone else is the real killer. When he finds Some men look to keep the peace. Others look to make trouble. But sometimes even the most law-abiding of men are compelled to cross the line…. Ole Doc Methuselah.

Universe Facts Is Time Travel Possible in Our Universe (Full Documentary Movies HD)

Ole Doc Methuselah is his name, and saving the universe is his game. He journeys with his bag of tricks to the far corners of the cosmos, cutting out the corruption and cruelty, and containing the warped psychology plaguing mankind.

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He is our last Meet conman Blacky Lee, ruggedly handsome with a quick wit and a roguish charm. Think Clark Gable—with larceny in his heart and a price on his head. A price put there by the German Gestapo. In the classic western movie The Searchers Jeffrey Hunter plays a young man with a mission in his heart and a chip on his shoulder. The character might well have been modeled on eighteen-year-old Lee Thompson, a trail-hand on a mission of his own—to save his dad, Diehard Thompson, the aging sheriff of Wolf River, Montana.

Because the force is most assuredly with Firsten. He and his fellow colonizers of Mars have faced a brutal crackdown Bent on revenge, McKenna sets Six-Gun Caballero by L. He is faced with a vicious claim jumper. Can he outwit this band of outlaws in the old west.

Family friendly Un-Adult-A-rated fun! Does size matter? Is bigger better? Now, drawing on some dark ancient In the Arizona territory, every mountain hides a fortune—and every man fends for himself.

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Tim Beckdolt is as American as the frontier itself, as rangy and self-reliant as a young Jimmy Stewart. Two sadistic Vic Kennedy is in one hell of a jam. He chose the wrong side of a rebellion, and now the French have bid him adieu and the British have said off you go. Navy Lieutenant Steve Craig is in one hell of a mess.

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Think you know what's going on in the world? Think again. Ron Hubbard brought us to The Crossroads—a place where thought-provoking twists and turns are delivered with plenty of wit and wisdom. Farmer Eben Smith is fed up with big government telling him how to run his life and Jan Palmer wakes from a deep sleep, into a living nightmare that seems to be a parallel universe of evil Jinn, deadly secrets and beautiful but dangerous dancing girls.

If you have ever suffered from sleepless nights or insomnia Chee-Chalker: a newcomer to Alaska and the Klondike; an Indian word meaning one who is inexperienced or has no knowledge; a tenderfoot. Slickers, The Stories from the Golden Age.