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Search In. Underland by Mick Farren. Praise for this book "Nosferatu Victor Renquist goes out with a bang-both literally and figuratively-in Farren's fourth and final, fiendishly inventive book in his vampire saga The Time of Feasting, etc.

He emerged into the 21st century with the critically acclaimed and suitably unorthodox vampire saga The Renquist Quartet, and the alternate world epic Flame Of Evil. By purchasing any eBook from our store, you are not only helping support our website, but you are helping small businesses thrive in a market traditionally dominated by large companies.

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Product Information. About Underland by Mick Farren Victor Renquist, centuries-old master of a small colony of Nosferatu, has been "recruited"-forcibly-by an undercover branch of the National Security Agency, Paranormal Operations and Research. Nice read. While not quite as good as The Time for Feasting, this segment continues to set the table for what will be a long running weries by filling out Nosferatu history.

This vampire novel takes place in Los Angeles, CA. The circumstances that caused them to flee NY are spelled out in the first book of the series, The Time of Feasting.

Victor Renquist

This story pits the colony against a human cult that is raising an ancient enemy of the vampires, Cthulhu. Farren's idea of vampire history is a new one for me. In his universe vampires are the bio-engineered soldiers of an alien race that conquered Earth about 15, years ago.

In the background the colony's Master, Victor, is mourning his dead consort. Dahlia and her sister are sorting out their un-dealt with sibling rivalry and re-defining their relationship.

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Sada is dealing with teenage style angst as she tries to find her place in Vampire society. Lupo is trying to maintain a balance of the old vampire culture and the new emerging one. All of these different personalities and subplots bring an enjoyable depth to the story and make it more believable. Write a customer review.

Mick Farren

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. I wrote a long, eloquent review of this book on my blog. Here, let me just say that if you find a copy at a thrift store, have a good sense of humor, and an afternoon to waste, you too can have a "this is the worst book I ever read all of the way through" experience.

Also brings back Merlin.