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Quantum Body Practises for ultimate Wellbeing and Longevity. This one fuels your body on a physical and energetic level. Be ready for a next-level body image! Your body is your Goddess Temple and Modules 5 — 6 will make sure that it becomes and remains ultra magnetic, radiant, sexy, attractive, super comfortable to live in! This is going to be a hot topic, but one that is super accessible and doable for you! This is for you no matter whether you are a high-flyer, a budding entrepreneur or a stay-at-home mom. Powerful and priceless! Honestly people should jump on any of your offerings. Your beautiful soul pours through each module, meditation and activation!

While doing an activation in the program, I decided to doodle and I doodled a Goddess!! And boy did I ever…. And talk about being heart centered! You can see her heart glowing through the computer screen. This alone is HUGE. I can honestly say I have such love and appreciation for myself now…and I owe it to this program.

Elevate your consciousness

Coming from someone that was severely bullied throughout school, I never thought that was even a possibility. Dreams certainly can come true. No words can quite explain the life altering effects it had on me. For your energy to expand in a way that enables you to bring forth all you desire! To fuel your purpose, your stream of wellbeing, your vision and your mission.

For an incredible life, an incredible impact. No matter what.

Become Divine ❖ All Divine Solfeggio Frequencies at Once ⦿ Alpha Drums ❯⟫❯ ASMR Miracle Nature

The question is, are you allowing yourself to be part of it? Imagine being a Business Goddess and rocking the stage as a Divine Feminine entrepreneur. Imagine feeling like a Goddess in your body, your own skin.


And so much more! Because it feels ecstatic to be. You also receive exclusive bonus material as you move through the programme:. Not just isolated teachings or knowledge nuggets. In any area of your life! Goddess Alchemy is a Quantum Container for you if are tired of the old way of doing things, if you are tired of having to grind and hustle and drain your energy, in your personal life, your relationships, your career and even in your business.

Dancing With The Divine: How To Tap Into Your Divine Feminine | Daily Life

Goddess Alchemy is for you are done being subject to outer circumstances, situations and conditions. Goddess Alchemy is for you if you want to make a difference in your life and live from a truly aligned, heart-based energy. No matter whether you are a stay-at-home mum, whether you are single or coupled up, whether you are rocking a successful career or whether you want to build or expand your business.

The truth?

This programme will help you to infuse all areas of your life with Quantum Goddess energy. Goddess Alchemy is a programme for women who are ready to change and optimise their relationship with themselves and with those around them in an entirely new way. Goddess Alchemy is for you if you are ready to take radical, loving and compassionate self-responsibility that will open up a whole new level of success, fulfilment and ecstatic, connected living for you!

And lastly, Goddess Alchemy is for you if you are ready to dive into the next level, the next paradigm. If you are dynamic and ready to change things up big time! Module 4: Your Uncompromised, Unconditional and Unlimited Life This one teaches you how to thrive and rise regardless of outer conditions or circumstances. Module 5: Quantum Nourishment Alchemy Goddesses are the ultimate nourishers, but only if their cup is full.

Oh Nina, so much juice! Guys, jump on anything Nina! Working with her in various areas has changed my life! I was drowning in mindset issues, but she fished me out of the water! Miriam Sekandi Life Coach. What can I say about this beautiful soul? Not enough. I decided to make this investment in myself for many reasons. What I can tell you is my life has been changed because of this. I have seen so many improvements both personally and professionally.

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This was an extensive 3 month program and it needed to be. The amount of value I received is immeasurable. How do you put a price on personal growth and gains?

Ending out I was exhausted, overwhelmed and desperately needed something to change. After just the first week of DFA I felt the fog lifting.

5 Signs that You’re Divinely Connected

The program built upon itself. Learning one skill, applying it. Learning a new one, applying it, adding to your skill set and so on. There is incredible value here. Since starting with Nina, the relationship with myself is better. The relationship with my husband and son has improved I am much calmer and centred. Received a salary increase. I co-authored a book that became a best seller therefore making me a Best Selling author.

I have another co-authored book being released in Oct Program language is German or English. The base price includes meetings virtually or personally in Vienna or South of France. For other locations or special needs, extra costs may arise for the program that will be clarified in advance.

The basis price does not cover any travel expenses and expenses for personal needs. Additional intensives and coaching sessions can be booked during the program if desired. Webansicht Mobile-Ansicht. Jetzt im Handel!

10 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Spiritual Power

Coaching-Tipps im Wellness-Magazin. Asim Aliloski im Wellness-Magazin. Blog Asim Aliloski. Empfehlen Sie diese Seite auf:. Mission Testimonials. Impressum Datenschutz. Deutsch Version. Are you ready for the ultimate flow? My clients - sensitive human beings. Another client, a retiree, having suffered from depression for more than 14 years recovered after only 4 months of mentoring and even reduced her medication close to zero.

A business owner I worked with felt suddenly totally peaceful and enlightened despite his chronic disease and hard life circumstances. Payment plan on request.