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Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Thank you. A chance meeting led to her finally getting help and turning her life around.

A Story of Recovery From Alcohol and Nicotine Addiction

Although never a daily drinker, in the height of addiction Veronica was unable to go to work without the aid of a drink. Her life and confidence were in tatters. She now uses this experience to help and inspire others. She fully believes that all alcoholics and addicts can recover. Veronica is committed to educating and informing the public on problem drinking and addiction. Tell us about how your life is today, your routines, your hobbies, your daily routine including recovery, and give us a brief overview of your website and your book. Veronica : Okay.

"Why You Drink and How to Stop” with Veronica Valli

Two young boys, 4 years old and almost 10 months, two miracle babies. Omar: Is that why you call it the miracle baby? Veronica : A real miracle to have both of them, really. How did that happen?

It just did a shock to me. My day-to-day life is very much just looking after my children and all that kind of stuff.


We just recently moved, trying to get organized. In my old life, I was an addiction therapist for many years in the UK and London. I had a practice in Harley Street and Cambridge, which I loved. I love being a therapist. I do hope to go back to it soon once my kids are a little bit older. Like yourself, very passionate about that whole world. You should write a book.

Why you drink and How to stop: Journey to freedom

I wanted to put that into a book so that more people could get that information. I wrote the book, and then the blog came from that, and I love doing that because I just love interacting with people. Veronica: Yeah. I just make these amazing connections. Omar: Veronica, what was keeping you from getting clean or staying clean when you first got introduced to recovery? Nothing was stopping me.

About Internal Freedom | Internal Freedom

I think it was more when I hit my emotional rock bottom, and then I had to really … At about three years sober, and then I had to do all this work by myself. Omar: No, no. Veronica : Yes, once you jump. Once you jump, yes. I had a part in everything. Then I have the power!

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Then the liberation and the freedom. When we talk about freedom, when I talk about freedom, the freedom that comes is the freedom in our minds. Omar: Yes. Complete and absolute self-acceptance and self-love. I love it…. At what point did you have a spiritual awakening, that aha moment in recovery when you accepted that you were powerless over drugs and alcohol, but for the first time had developed the hope that you could recover? Veronica : I think it was the first time I was in a meeting and I had the guy talk about fear. That was when I realized I was an alcoholic. I have absolutely no interest in doing any of that, because I get it.

Sign me up. Off we go. I spent ten years looking for help and not understanding what my problem was, so to have it all crystallize, I was just relieved and ready to get busy.

You never know. It could be one year in, two years in, three years in. Do you have a favorite book you would recommend to a newcomer that you read in early recovery? Veronica : Yeah, I was looking at these questions kind of thinking about this, because I love reading. Now, we can choose the sort of thoughts that we entertain. It will be a little difficult to break a bad habit of thought, but it can be done. We can choose how we shall think. In point of fact, we always do choose, and therefore our lives are just a result of the kind of thoughts we have. I get that!