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China was the first front in a new Cold War. China's everything. Nothing else matters. We don't get China right, we don't get anything right. This whole thing is very simple.

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China is where Nazi Germany was in to The Chinese, like the Germans, are the most rational people in the world, until they're not. His daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared would be international celebrities. Steve Bannon would become the de facto head of the tea-party movement Melania Trump, who had been assured by her husband that he wouldn't become president, could return to inconspicuously lunching. Losing was winning.

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Through him, they soon met Bannon, who took over the reins after Breitbart died of a sudden heart attack in According to the New Yorker magazine, Bannon served as the Mercers' de facto political adviser. The billionaire family originally funded Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, before switching to Trump after his primary win. After Trump won the Republican nomination in , the Mercers called for "all hands on deck" to ensure his victory, while also claiming that Hillary Clinton "would repeal both the First and Second Amendments" if elected.

The First Amendment guarantees free speech, the Second gun ownership. The family donated money to the campaign and the Cambridge Analytica company was also hired to help with the effort.

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Companies linked with the Mercers reportedly produced anti-Clinton content, with deeply conservative Breitbart playing the leading role. With Trump winning the general election, Rebekah Mercer served as a member of Trump's transitional team. She was reportedly behind the appointment of Michael Flynn, who briefly filled the post of the national security advisor before being forced to resign.

Steve Bannon once praised the Mercers for laying the "groundwork" for the Trump revolution, saying that their impact was even bigger than that of the Koch brothers. The cracks between the billionaire family and the news outlet became clearly visible in November , when Robert Mercer announced he would sell his Breitbart stake to his daughters. In a letter to employees, Mercer criticized the notion that his "politics marches in lockstep with Steve Bannon's. Those decisions do not always align with Mr. Mercer also bluntly criticized the former Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos, whom he previously supported in his fight for free speech, after Yiannopoulos made controversial remarks on pedophilia.

He also reportedly refused to admit any mistakes on his part. Soldier, banker, Breitbart player and voice in Donald Trump's ear: Stephen Bannon boasts a compelling biography. But with the publication of "Fire and Fury" and his ouster at Breitbart, Bannon has fallen from grace. It comes days after Bannon and Trump openly feuded over reported remarks in a new book. Queen's Shadow by E. Johnston mature young adult novel.

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Choices of One by Timothy Zahn. Honor Among Thieves by James S. Her parents split before she was three years old, and Conway was raised by her mother, two unmarried aunts, and a grandmother in southern New Jersey. There, Conway picked blueberries during the summer to make extra money. She says that being raised in a family of women should have made her a Democrat, but she was inspired by Ronald Reagan and his positive yet forceful tone. After graduation from law school, Conway went to work for the colorful and outspoken Republican pollster Frank Luntz and eventually started her own polling business.

She also became friendly with Rebekah Mercer—the daughter of Robert Mercer, co-founder of the Renaissance Technologies hedge fund, a major donor in Republican circles. In the campaign, Conway first worked for Senator Ted Cruz, but when Trump became the nominee she moved over to his campaign, partly at the urging of the Mercers.

More recently, her ability to speak for Trump has diminished, and she has been cut out of some key matters, including the decision to ask General Michael Flynn to resign. It was very different defending a policy decision.


The appointment guarantees that, no matter what her standing inside the White House, she will not be leaving Washington anytime soon. Vice President Mike Pence likes to say he grew up in Indiana with a cornfield in his backyard. Pence attended law school at Indiana University and spent four years as a corporate attorney. He ran for Congress in and lost, then ran and lost again in That second race was notable for what it revealed about how far Pence was willing to go to tarnish an opponent.

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But it was a very, very nasty, hateful campaign. He had also learned, as George H. Bush had demonstrated a few years earlier, that a nice guy with a taste for the malicious and underhanded can take people by surprise. Pence launched into a radio career that taught him how to hone his political message and gave his folksiness the slick and silky gloss it has today. In , with a much higher public profile, Pence was elected to the House of Representatives. As the Republican membership of the House moved ever farther to the right, Pence found himself ever closer to the sweet spot.

In he became the leader of the House Republican Conference. Four years later, he was elected governor of Indiana. When Trump was thinking about the finalists—they included New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, along with Pence—he reviewed thick briefing binders. Ivanka Trump, who could play the No-BS Heiress in our reality show, and her husband, Jared, the Crafty In-Law, are both children of privilege and are both extraordinarily loyal to their fathers.

Anybody thinking they are going to win a fight against the family is not very smart. He is tasked not only with bringing peace to the Middle East but also with re-inventing the way the entire government does business. He is heavily involved in policy regarding China. He recently made a surprise trip to Iraq.

The Kushners were a prominent Democratic real-estate family in New Jersey. Their relationship to politics was mostly as members of the donor class. A person close to Jared told me that growing up in New Jersey taught him the utterly transactional nature of politics. His ability to move with ease from one political ideology to another, depending on what seems useful at the moment, comes naturally. At one point during the campaign, when Trump wanted to speak more substantively about China, he gave Kushner a summary of his views and then asked him to do some research.

Kushner simply went on Amazon, where he was struck by the title of one book, Death by China , co-authored by Peter Navarro. He cold-called Navarro, a well-known trade-deficit hawk, who agreed to join the team as an economic adviser. Given the initial absence of pros who could do the job properly, he also tried his hand at writing speeches.